Hello.  My name is Craig Walker.  I am a 4th generation Artisan/Builder.  Although I own ATX Design Build and I am a recognized remodeling leader in Texas remodeling and new construction, I still carry a truck full of tools and I work on the jobs I manage.

After 37 years in the industry, I feel my understanding of every aspect of the industry is vast.  From the early days of my career where I worked as a labor/helper in my father’s construction company, to my most productively prolific years as a sub-contractor, I have seen a lot.

The construction business is among the easiest to enter.  It is also the most dangerous for the consumer.  From dream projects to nightmare scenarios, I have either seen it, lived it or heard about it directly from the participants.

This blog site is for your benefit.  I hope and pray that your project goes perfectly.  I also hope the blog submissions posted here aid you in that endeavor.